Meet The Team


Calli M.

Autumn Lake, Pearland (West)

Lives in a house

Pet dogs (1 male, 1 female)

Fenced backyard

Accepts: Dogs only

Drop-ins: Any pet


Irma T.

Shadow Grove, Pearland (West)

Hi my name is Irma.  Dogs and cats have always been a huge part of my life growing up.   I love them all, from tiny ones to gentle giants. 
I have a rescue pup; her name is Sansa “Queen from Game of Thrones”.  Sansa is a Staffordshire bull terrier and weighs 85 pounds.  She is a rescue.  She is our gentle giant, very loving and such a sweetheart. Oh, she thinks is a little lap dog. 
We also have a grand pup; her name is Eva “Eva the Diva”.  She is a rat terrier and weighs 16 pounds.  She is very hyper and is a little pistol that runs circles around Sansa.  They are very playful, enjoy each other’s company and love taking long naps.
I would love the opportunity to visit and care for your pets in your absence.
Looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies!


*pic will not be shown as she is in high school for safety reason.

Tanishka G.

Silver Lake, Pearland (West)

Hi! My name is Tanishka and I love all dogs from petite puppers to gentile giants. I am a HUGE dog person but I also have a large spot in my heart for all cats. I have a Pomeranian and cat myself. I volunteer on an animals farm in my free time. I hope to be a Vet when I grow up so I would love to spend time with your little fur babies.


Dylan B.

Pearland, Texas


Hi! My name is Dylan and I am a recent college graduate who is seriously passionate about dogs! I have owned and cared for dogs my entire life giving me experience in all areas of dog care. I understand how important exercise, nutrition, and companionship is to dogs and strive to give the highest quality of care to every dog I meet. My day job allows me to work from home and gives me the freedom to set my own schedule so I am very flexible when I comes to scheduling. I also think that communication is of the highest importance and I will be prompt with responses, updates, and information so you will have peace of mind and know that your furry friend is well taken care of. I am available to walk, check on, and babysit your dog both during the week and on weekends. Feel free to ask me any questions and I look forward to meeting you and your pup!


Karen E.

South Belt/Ellington

Hi, my name is Karen. I have so much love for dogs. I used to raise for guide dogs for the blind, so that is where my love and passion for dogs truly developed. I accept all dog breeds and animals in my heart. Dogs are a humans best friend! :)

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Nikelia B.

Silver Lake, Pearland (West)


Hello! My name is Nikelia! I am currently in a veterinary assistant program at my school, and I love animals! I have 1 dog, 2 cats and a bearded dragon! I would love to care for your fur babies and give them all the love that they normally get from you while at home! 


June S.


South Belt/Ellington

My name is June. I've grown up with dogs my whole life! My freshman year of highschool I started raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind, I finished 3 dogs in about 4 years. I knew since then I wanted to work with dogs professionally. After raising I worked at a grooming and boarding salon as a bather but also took care of the boarding pups. I also worked with puppies where I fed, monitored them, and gave meds if needed. I hope to open my own kennel some day. I love to work around animals because it never feels like a "job". I will always treat and love yours as my own! 




Jasmine P.

Pearland (East)

Hi! My name is Jasmine and animals have always been a big part of my life! Throughout my life, I have had several different types of pets and have grown up around a vast range of animals. I have owned three dogs and have experienced growing up with different breeds of dogs, including chihuahuas, pitbulls, and mastiffs! Along with dogs, I also spent a majority of my life feeding and taking care of the stray cats in my neighborhood, so I have dealt with all personalities. I even have experience owning snakes and hedgehogs and have lived around a pig before! I'm not in school at the moment, but once I go back I will be attending online school and will be able to maintain my flexible schedule. It would be an honor to take care of your pet!


Hannah R.

Southdown, Pearland (West)

Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm currently a student at UH studying psychology. I have a three-year-old golden doodle named Eevee and a two-year-old cat named Kitty (he was a stray, so we just called him kitty and it stuck). Growing up my family fostered many litters of puppies and their moms, so my love of animals started at a young age and I'm very comfortable around them. As a result of fostering these puppies, I'm also comfortable giving medications to pets as some of them came to us with illnesses. I also volunteered at my local animal shelter and was named junior humanitarian of the year! As a student, my schedule is very flexible. If you're looking for a great pet sitter, PAWS what you're doing and book with me! 


Christian W.

South Houston

I would make the perfect pet sitter because I've grown up my whole life taking care of dogs weather it was my family's pets or friends. Something about me, I was actually bitten in the face by a dog when I was younger and had to get over 50 stitches on my face but that didn't stop me from loving animals it made me love them even more. I have two pets one is a female German Shepard, and the other is a female Labrador Retriever. Both my dogs love being outside and are super active and hyper. My lab was actually a puppy in training for a blind person when she was just a puppy but sadly she didn't make it because she started alert barking but I was luckily enough to be able to adopt her. When it comes to experience with animals, IK have a lot, from having two dogs to having 4 horses. Both my dogs and horses I trained myself everyday.


Kim K.

Location: SilverLake, Pearland (West)

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I don't think there's ever been a time when I've been without some species of animal, and that's the way I like it. I have experience as a vet tech, pet sitter, dog foster mom, wildlife rehabilitator, exotic care and of course, loving and nurturing my own pets. It would be such a blessing to visit and care for your pets in your absence. 


Joy A.

Location: Silver Lake, Pearland (West)

I have been a cat owner and pet lover for my whole life. I grew up with an outdoor cat. As soon as I graduated college, I went to the shelter and adopted my orange Tabby cat Munchkin. He is now 15 years young. I adopted my brown/gray tabby cat Izzy in 2016, now 6 years old. Izzy was a stray that I planned to find a home for but ended up keeping. I fostered kittens a number of years ago for the local shelter until they were old enough to be adopted. In addition to my cats, I also love dogs, rodents, fish, or any other living creatures.  I had guinea pigs as a teenager and several fish over the years. I have 3 niece/nephew puppies that my sisters parent, and I love to visit and play with. A lab terrier mix named Coal (13 years old), a chocolate lab who is sweet as candy named Missy, and a lively little mountain cur named Wendy Darling. We love to run and play and take walks. I am a runner and try to get in runs 3-4 times per week so if you have a high energy dog that could be a fun additive to my workout routine. I've administered my fair share of medication to resistant felines. I know how nerve wracking it can be leaving your babies alone with a stranger, so I will always do my best to fit the needs of you and your pets. Prior to pet sitting for Posh Paws, I worked as a child advocate for 4 years and volunteered for 4 years, advocating for children in child protective services custody. Before that I worked for 12 years as a pastry chef. Looking forward to meeting you and your fur babies!


Sieryn R.

Rosharon/Manvel TX

Hi, my name is Sieryn! I love all dogs and animals! I'm a senior at Manvel high school and would love to spend time with your animals!(: I would rescue every dog if I could. I have one dog of my own that I saved from the streets, and I currently foster one as well.