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Calli Melton: Owner of Posh Paws Pet Sitters

Hi there and welcome to Posh Paws! My name is Calli Melton. I am 26 years old and have two poodle fur babies whom my world revolves around. I grew up on a ranch with just about every animal you can imagine so I am familiar with nearly every pet. I recently graduated with my last accounting degree and am studying for CPA exams and the LSAT exam.

I created Posh Paws because animals are my passion. I have been a professional dog walker/sitter through all my college degrees and beyond. I create bonds and relationships with all my clients, and their owners too! I enjoy spending my time bringing joy to animals when they can't be with their parents. Pets deserve to be treated with love, respect, and responsibility. Many of my clients have disabilities, injuries, or special needs requirements that I am pleased to help with. I have trained and rescued many  animals that were abused and are psychologically scarred from and have learned how to communicate with them to make them as comfortable and loved as possible in your absence. I created this company to assure their pet parents that we are owned and operated by genuine people whom truly love and respect all animals and treat them as the kings and queens they are!

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I am also the sitter for a rescue organization Wag Again Rescue! I absolutely love meeting these foster babies and more so, seeing them find their furr-ever family! If you ever decide to add another lifelong family member or two or would like to foster some of these amazing pets, feel free to reach them at their contact info below or reach out to me. I would be thrilled to share the information!



Wag Again Rescue

(361) 298-0720

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